Investor's Guide

Our new Investor’s Guide provides detailed information about the process of investing with Landview and the different services we offer.At Landview, we believe that making the best real estate investment is an important decision and we are committed to ensuring your investment experience with us is worry free. 

How To get a new property

Choosing a property is one of the most important part of the of the whole investment process. Your property is ultimately your security for the future and it is crucial you make the wisest choice. At Landview, we are committed to providing properties that are secure and valuable.

Quality and providing value are at the core of our practice, from the location to the design and build. All our properties are in the choicest areas. With a wonderful mix of land and apartment options, you can find the best property for you. Finding your dream home is easier by contacting our sales centre to book an inspection or call 08162857219 to get started, you can also visit our social media handles below to get connected.

the buying process

It is a common misconception that investing in real-estate is a stressful and time-consuming process. Although, it is understandable to believe that some stress is unavoidable, at Landview, we put our all into making sure this is minimised. Our Sales Team can put you in touch with our community of Realtors to assist you throughout the process and our Sales Consultants will always be available to assist you.

Our Realtors and Sales Consultants assist in ensuring that the process is as straightforward as possible. When you have made a choice after a site inspection, they could also assist in sorting contracts, providing regular updates and also make recommendations where needed. Before contracts are exchanged, it is advisable to ensure the offer is secured and you understand the relevant details of your contract.

From exchange to completion

On the day of completion, once all payments have been made, all the necessary documents would be handed over and you will become a proud real estate investor. It is also our duty to keep you abreast of recent development away and around your investments either through calls, text, email and other adequate channels.